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Cooking Gadget

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Okay I know I've seen a kitchen gadget that will break up ground beef as it is cooking. I can picture it but I do not know what the 'thingamajiggy' is called to begi...


What Spices Are You Cooking with Often? What Is Your Favorite Kitchen Utensil?

L.L. asks from Detroit

Hello Ladies, This could be a JJF question but shux I really want to know and Im not playin! LOL...... I am trying to step up my cooking game and enjoy being in the...


Help in the Kitchen!!

G.M. asks from Florence

here is the problem point blank.... i have a husband and a 9 month old and dont know how to cook a thing. please send some easy recipes to help this kitchen idiot :) ...


When Do You Clean Your Kitchen?

K.J. asks from Nashville

Earlier there was a debate between a few of my friends on when to clean the kitchen after cooking dinner. Some say they clean it the moment they finish eating, other...


How to Clean My Sauce Pan

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hello Mama's, Ok, Last night I made beans to go with our dinner. Unfortunately I burned them so now I have a sauce pan full of dried, baked on crust that won't b...


What Do You like About Your KITCHEN ?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I am going to have my kitchen remodled and I was just wondering if you could take time to share with me any tips that would help me out. I have an L shape...


What Do You Have Out on Your Kitchen Counters?

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

Ok need help. I feel like my kitchen counter tops are crowded yet I have taken so many things off & put them away. I, currently, only have a 4 piece toaster, coffee...


Looking for Suggestions for Safe Cookware and Food Storage

K.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mamas, I am on a quest to make my household healthier. It is so overwhelming when you start to learn of all the toxins in our environment, houses, beauty pro...


What Is Your Favorited Kitchen Gadget?

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

I recently got a Disney waffle iron. I love it. The waffles are mini size and it has Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy,Donald and Daisy. I usually make waffles for breaksf...


Kitchen Type Gifts

M.D. asks from Washington DC

My parents are redoing their entire kitchen next month (gutting it and completely redoing it) so I'd like to get them kitchen type stuff for Christmas. I ordered my ...