Constipation: Weight Watchers

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Anyone on Weight Watchers?

Our son went away to summer camp and gained new skills, and I gained 10 lbs! Anyone done Weight Watchers? Thanks!

Bananas or Rice

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Looking for Other Moms on Weight Watchers

Hello I am looking for other moms like me that are on weight watchers. I do not attend the meetings because I can not afford them. So I bought the books off Craigslist and now trying to do it on my own, It is going pretty good so far. I am looking for recipe ideas and any other tips that other moms have. ANy help that any of you have would be great!

Fruit Juice

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My 2 Year Old Daughter Is Constipated!!!

Hi! I have a 2 year old who has been had trouble with constipation since I stopped nursing at 11 months. Since then, we have given her a small glass of prune juice daily. That has worked for the most part up until a month ago. Since then, she has been more constipated on and off. I have been treating with extra prune juice, less milk, etc. Recently, it started getting worse, she would cry when trying to go poop, not wanting to sit down, just feeling uncomfortable in general. I made an appt to see her dr and mentioned that her poop...