Constipation: Enfamil

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14-Month-old Is Constipated

My 14-month-old son is constipated a few times a week. I have been in contact a few times with the pediatrician's office and am doing everything I can. This started when he was switched over from formula to whole milk. Also, he does not drink much water. I am always forcing it on him, but he won't drink much. I give him prunes or blueberries to eat, make his baby cereal with prune juice, give him whole grain foods, etc. I also water down his milk and occasionally put Karo syrup in his milk. He still has problems with constipation. ...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....


Baby Is Constipated

My baby boy is almost 14 months, just three weeks ago he started whole milk,...

Acid Reflux due to GERD

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Acid Reflux & Gas--AAAAHHHH!!!!

My 2 1/2 month old has always been fussy in the evening and very gassy. However,lately he's really struggling with breastfeeding as he's constantly pulling off, coughing, spitting up, etc--all of the text book descriptions of acid reflux. We tried Prevacid and it didn't work and now we're trying out Zantac. I also really watch my diet and make sure that I don't have any of the agitating foods. Anyone have any advice??? Anything I'm missing???

Aloe Juice

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Constipation in Infants

Im Looking For Answers On My 5mth Old Daughters Constipation..if anyone is familiar with this please help me on how to stop it she is 5mths old has acid reflux disease and is on a formula known as Enfamil gathering its the formula thats giving her the constipation but i need help on what to give her to stop it juice dont help the lil thingie turns red like a cherry and strains so hard i dont think she should be due to the fact that she also has an umbilical hernia ...if anyone has any answers please let me know thanks!!!please ONLY...

Bananas or Rice

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Question Regarding Enfamil a R

I just started feeding my six month old Enfamil A R because she was spitting up quite frequently and I have a question whether I should still be supplementing with rice cereal being that this formula already has rice starch in the formula. Should I still be giving her rice cereal or oatmeal? I dont want her to gain unnecessary added weight due to extra cereal feedings. Any suggestions from mothers out there that feed their babies Enfamil A R? Thanks :)


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....


Baby Is Constipated

My baby boy is almost 14 months, just three weeks ago he started whole milk,...

Formula Brand (with Iron) as Cause

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Enfamil Lipil W/ Iron vs Kirkland Formula

Hello, I'm down to breastfeeding during the night and using formula for all other feedings. Formula is expensive!!! I'm using Enfamil Lipil w/ Iron. At my last Costco purchase the cashier told me the Kirkland brand is 'exactly' the same. I did some research and there are some differences. Is anyone out there using Kirkland brand and like it?

Fruit Juice

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Formula and Constipation

My question is everyone's experience with formula and if their babies get constipation. My first son got constipated and then blood in stools. Now my second son has been constipated off and on since we brought him home 3 weeks ago. I currently breatsfeed for 10 minutes or more on each breast and then supplement with 3-4 ounces of formula (I do not produce enough milk to exclusively breastfeed - my 3 sisters have all had same problem) When we brought him home - 3 days later we had to give him a suppository. We have done the tummy rubs...


Apple Juice Allergy?

My Daughter is Allergic or Intolerant to Milk. She has also never tolerated...

Karo Syrup

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Karo Syrup in Every Bottle???

My oldest step-daughter is a 20 year old single mother. She just recently moved back in with us. The baby just turned 3 months old. The first time she left us alone with the baby she showed me how to make her bottle. She told me to put Karo syrup in it. I asked why and she told me it helps her with her bowel movements. I never had a child of my own, but I have babysat children & babies and I have lots of friends with kids of their own. It stills seems odd to me to put Karo in every single bottle. Am I wrong about this? Should I find a way...


Karo Corn Syrup

My 5 week old has been constipated, my grandma said put a teaspoon of this...