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J.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter wants a Leappad ,and all hubby and I see is "totally ripe off." For those of your with Leadpads in your homes, what are your reviews of this gadget? I...


Honest Opinions of Those Owning the LeapPad 1 or 2

T.M. asks from Jackson

Hello, I'm sure this has been asked several times but I'm looking for recent honest opinions of the following gaming systems. Our kids are 7, 5, and 4 Please N...


Thoughts on My First LeapPad

J.R. asks from New York

We just found a My First Leap Pad for $12. I bought it because that sounded like a good deal. It came with a My Little Mermaid book, obviously not for a little boy, b...


Computer for Almost 5 Year Old

J.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter won’t be 5 till March of next year, but for xmas hubby and I would like to get her set up with her own computer, laptop, or tablet. My son will be turni...


Travel Computer Games

T.G. asks from Los Angeles

Our family does a lot of traveling and I have been wanting to get one of the handheld computer games for our kids. We have 2 boys ages 3 & 5. The 2 I have been lookin...


Seeking How Other Moms' Handle Play of Video Games (DS), Computer, & TV Time

J.B. asks from San Diego

Our grandson just turned 7 and I am wondering what restrictions other mom's and grandmas put on children for use of these items. Our grandson seems to be unresponsiv...


LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet - Education Value?

M.M. asks from Denver

Hi I'm debating if should buy my son a LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer for his 4th Birthday. His only exposure to electronic games is the odd game on an Ipad. If we have ...


Whats Your Childs Favorite Toy?

A.H. asks from Anniston

Im looking for fun and education toys for the ages 3-4 both of my children have very short attention spans and dont play with anything for long. so what are your chil...


Leapfrog Vs. Vtech Toy

J.M. asks from New York

Hi Mommas, I traditionally like to give "old school" toys to my daughter and other children (i.e. toys that involve using the imagination and don't involve batteries...


Kindle/Nook/e-reader For 5 Yo

P.F. asks from Washington DC

My daughter loves my Nook Color and i was thinking about getting her the LeapPad, but have read good reviews. A couple i read said they wish they would have just bou...