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Parental Controls on Home Computer PC and MAC

S.M. asks from Dallas

hello Mama's I need your help, my 4 yr old accidentally clicked on an "inappropriate" website, I just found out yesterday from my two older kids. anyhow not sure ho...


Nintendo Dsi or Fisher Price Ixl?

M.W. asks from Charlotte

my son is 4.5 years old and im debating on what to get him for Christmas, its between the nintendo dsi or fisher price ixl? i know eventully i will end up with the ni...


Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

G.G. asks from Chicago

Does anyone own the Fisher Price digital camera? I had seen the ads on TV and had mentally added it to my list of Christmas gift possibilities for our 2 1/2 year old...


Computer for Toddler

S.F. asks from Austin

Dear Mamas, This is very short notice, as the grandparents are due here by noon today, but they want to buy my 2 year old a computer for his birthday and I have not ...


Buying a Computer for a Three Year Old

G.C. asks from Los Angeles

I want to purchase a computer for my three year old grandson. I want it to be fun and appealing and a learning tool. I would love to have input on what to purchase. ...


His First Computer

M.H. asks from Sarasota

My son is turning 3 of Sunday!! He gets to work on computers a couple times a month at school. We have a laptop and I was wondering the best way to make it toddler ...


Toddler Using a Computer

S.D. asks from Chicago

Hello, I'm trying to teach my toddler how to use the mouse on the computer and cannot find any good sites. Its overwhelming how many sites are out there but just l...


Do You Let Your Little Kids Use the Computer?

M.. asks from Detroit

My oldest is 6 and I dont allow any of them to use our computer. Mainly I just dont want them breaking our laptop. My daughter has computer class at school and thats...


Whiz Kid Pc by Vtech or Other Computer Games for 3 Year Olds.

M.K. asks from Chicago

I am looking into VTech and Leap Frog for my son who will be 3 in November. I didn't find much in his age group from Leap Frog, but I did find The Whiz Kid PC by VTe...


Computer Games to Get My 3 Year Old Interested In.

N.B. asks from Chicago

My daughter just turned 3 in November and she recently took a real interested in using our computer. I know there are free internet games out there for her age but I...