Complicated Labor

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Complications from C-section

J.P. asks from Syracuse

I am 30 years old. My son was born when I was 28. I had an uneventful pregnancy up til 37 weeks. At that point he stopped moving altogether. I kept going to the healt...


34 Weeks - Breech

K.F. asks from Elmira

I'm 34 weeks with baby # 2 and just found out at my dr appt he is still breech. My Dr advised not to panic and that we'll give it 2 weeks, if after that he's still br...


Breech @ 28 Weeks

K.S. asks from New York

@ 28 weeks my baby was said to be breech due to an ultrasound because of me having spotting. i understand this is early and the baby can turn. then @ 29 weeks i had ...


Breech Baby Suggestions

S.S. asks from Cheyenne

You moms have always had good suggestions so here we are again! I went for my 36 week appointment and found out that my baby is presenting breech (for the moment.....


Anyone Use 17 OH Progesterone Caproate Weekly Injections to Stop Preterm Labor?

T.L. asks from Stockton

Hi, I'm 15 weeks along and was just advise by my OB that she would like me to start weekly injections of 17 OH progesterone caproate to stop preterm labor. I delive...


30 Wks and 30% Effaced, Anyone Taken Drugs to Stall Labor? Natural Methods?

Y.P. asks from Phoenix

So I went in for my 29 week ultrasound to check and see if my placenta previa had corrected itself and the good news was that it has moved totally out of the way, put...


Breech Baby at 34 Weeks

A.L. asks from Boston

Hello ladies, I will be 34 weeks pregnant on Friday. I just found out that the baby is breech. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the baby to go head dow...


Getting Scare About Labor

Y.G. asks from Houston

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Here I am again asking for your advice. Here is my problem: Since my first Sonogram, I was told my placenta was very low and small. Now...


Heavy Bleeding

D.S. asks from Austin

I started having periods every 60 days after being 28 days like clock work all my life. First week is like a normal period, then after 7 days going on 2nd week I sta...


Dumb Question About Labor

J.S. asks from Washington DC

Ok, I'm not a first-time mom so I feel silly asking this. I'm 39w1d and just started feeling dull menstrual-like pain, but it is not sporadic or anything I could time...