Complicated Labor: Weight Watchers

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Need to Loose Weight! Help!

Hi ladies! I need to loose some weight. Looking to loose 30-50 lbs. I am starting to walk every night for at least 30 min, goin to try a hour most nights. My husband and kids do lots of bike rides during summer, at leat 3-5 days a week on average, and go around 8-14 miles along a green belt that runs along Boise river :) My question is, I know I over eat, I LOVE FOOD! I am hating the extra weight I am carring around, and am over weight. To be healthy for me and my kids, I need to loose weight asap. What have any of you ladies done to help...


An Only Child

I am curious what you moms think about having an only child? We had our...


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Exercise After a C-section

i am just reaching my 6 week post partom and would like to start to get into a routine to get rid of my baby fat and the fat before baby .lol. This was my third and final child and I was never very good at eating right and working out but I feel like it is now or never. If I dont get into it and see a result I will go back to my old ways. Any way, my question is what kind of work out restrctions am I on because of the c-section? I am still alittle sore but I do want to do some arobics, maybe low impact? If any one has found success...


My C Section

hello just wondering what other moms did to lose the belly after a c...