Complicated Labor: Maalox

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Need Ladies with Much Wisdom About Pregnancy Issues...

Hi Ladies. This is my first post as this site has been very helpful to me in the past. I am a 37 year old mother of a 17 year and I am currently 3 months pregnant (I know...What was I thinkin??? :-P ). As you can see, it's been almost 18 years since I've been pregnant and a lot of things are happening that I don't remember going on with my first pregnancy. The main thing is the freakin INDIGESTION! It's killing me. It's not exactly heartburn, it's just a stuffed feeling I get in my throat after a couple of bites of food. I remember I...


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20 M Old Daughter with Diarea and Severe Rash

Hi Mom's, I need a little advise. My daughter has had bad diaper rash - blisters and all for the last 3 days. She also has diarea. We have been appling diaper rash cream with every diaper change and we are changing her diaper as soon as we know it is dirty. My question is, should I cut her milk out if her diet? She loves milk, but not sure if I should do that. I am giving her peidialyte. What are the best foods for her to have at this time? I heard yogurt is good? Is that true? I would love to hear what other mom's have done to help.


Severe Diaper Rash

I have a 10 month old that has severe diaper rash. She had a viral infection...