Complicated Labor: Hydrocortisone

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Help! First Time pregnancy/Mom at 36...whats with This Rash and My Feet?

F.V. asks from Lancaster

Can anyone give me advise on the type of cream or what it is that I can do about this lovely rash that has developed under both of my breasts? The Dr says use hydro-c...


Rash Spreading on Body

J.C. asks from Cincinnati

I am having a very uncomfortable problem. I am 4 months pregnant and about 4 weeks ago I noticed a rash spreading on my belly. Just small, red bumps, nothing icky. ...


Doc Says to Start Rice Cereal at 4 Mo

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms, At my son's 4 month check up appt this morning, the doctor recommended starting rice cereal. I'm just a bit weary of this and here is why.... Brayden was bo...


6 Week Old Has Diaper Rash

A.F. asks from Yuba City

I am trying to determine whether or not my infant has diaper dermatitis. She only has this small patch of red spots around her anus. It almost looks like when you h...


Oh Yes, I'm Asking About the "H" Word

K.S. asks from Denver

Ok ladies, I keep putting off asking due to embarassment, but I'm just going to bite the bullet and ask for advice about hemmorhoids. There, I said it. I keep hoping ...


Itchy Skin

K.B. asks from Chicago

Hi! I feel as if I have hit a brick wall and sometimes feel as if I am nuts. I have been going around and around with our pediatricians regarding my 1 year o...


Yucky Neck....

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

my son sweats alot underneath his neck and it starts to smell. even if he gets a bath later in the day or the next it will start to smell. sometimes he even gets a ra...


17 Year Old with Irregular Periods

L.J. asks from Seattle

I have a seventeen year old that was told by a chinese herb doctor that because of her acne her periods are irregular. She gave her some tea that she suppose to drink...


About to Throw in the Towel on Breastfeeding...

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Mine is a long story. When Nate was born 7 weeks ago, he was tongue-tied and would not nurse in the hospital so the lactation consultant gave me a nipple s...