Complicated Labor: Hydrocortisone

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Help! First Time pregnancy/Mom at 36...whats with This Rash and My Feet?

Can anyone give me advise on the type of cream or what it is that I can do about this lovely rash that has developed under both of my breasts? The Dr says use hydro-cortisone with gauze, ok that helped for like a day and everytime I am hot (which is every day) it itches sooooo bad! Also, my feet are the size of tree trunks! I was told to limit my salt intake, drink lots of water and keep them elevated. So, then who does the wash, cleans the house and makes me food to eat? My husband works 60+ hours bless him, and is very good to me. The...


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C-section Scar Extremely Itchy!

I had my second c-section about 8 months ago, and just recently, the scar has been driving me crazy. I feel like rubbing it constantly; not only does it then hurt, but it's not in the best location for public scratching. Anyone have a solution for itchy scars?? Thanks!


Oh the Itch!

My daughter is over ten months old and my c-section scar still itches like...


My C Section

hello just wondering what other moms did to lose the belly after a c...