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Traveling 4 Hours Away for Funeral at 37 Weeks Pregnant?

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

My husband's great-uncle passed away yesterday and the wake is Sunday, funeral Monday in Indiana - about 4 hours from where we live. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and had an ...


Air Travel Tips with 2 Active Boys Under Age 4

C.H. asks from Norfolk

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in air travel for a (just turned) 4yr old and 2 yr old. I have not traveled by air since the new regulations have been ...


Anyone Been Pregnant on a Cruise?

C.E. asks from Atlanta

Has anyone out there been pregnant on a cruise? If so, can you please contact me? I'd like to ask you some questions. thanks! C


On a Cruise While 27Weeks Pregnant?

M.F. asks from San Francisco

Hi there! Here is my dilemma: a family cruise was planned by my in-laws last year and of course I got pregnant and will be 27 weeks at that time! Now, my problem is ...


Pregnant Teenage Niece

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

I have two sisters whom I am not really close with since I live across the country from them. My sister is separated from her husband and raising 3 teenage girls. M...


Pregnant but Some People Don't Approve

T.D. asks from Sacramento

Hi everyone. My husband and I are in our mid 30's and we just found out that I'm pregnant with our second child. Yay! I took time to convince my husband to have an...


Anyone Take a Transatlantic Flight at 7 Months Pregnant?

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

I am pregnant with my second child. My husband and I used to live in Germany and go back to visit occasionally and we are considering taking a trip there this summer...


Age It Is Safe for a Baby to Travel via Airplane

J.V. asks from Austin

My daughter is pregnant after four years of trying and expecting in November. Before she became pregnant, they had already bought tickets to fly to Texas from Virgini...


Flying While Pregnant

N.T. asks from Phoenix

Hi, i'm supposed to be in a wedding in Ohio in October. i'll be at the beginning my 33rd week. my doctor says that i'll be fine, as long as there are no complicatio...


6 Months Pregnant & Grandmother in Another State Is Dying

J. asks from Phoenix

I am 37 years old & 6 months pregnant with my 1st child & was just told my grandmother that lives in another state is probably not going to make it to the weekend. T...