Color Blindness

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Everything Is Pink

M.T. asks from Nashville

Would you be concerned if your toddler/preschooler almost 3yr old thinks that everything is pink when asked what color is this?


Help with Almost 3 Year Old and Learning Colors

L.L. asks from Philadelphia

My almost 3 year old daughter is struggling with learning her colors. She is up to par on her counting, alphabet, etc, however she cannot seem to grasp the concept o...


Soon to Be 4 Year Old Not Learning Colors

J.T. asks from Boca Raton

My son will be 4 in April and I and his preschool have noticed that he isn't doing very well learning his colors. I will admit that this is something that I have not...


2/Y Can’t Recognize Colors

E.T. asks from San Francisco

My 2/y baby is very smart. He is good at speaking, using his hands, counting numbers and recognizing various shapes. However, he can’t recognize colors. I have been...


Learning Colors

K.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter turned 2 in May and is very strong willed and independent. She knows her ABC’s, she can count to 10, she has a great memory, and she speaks very well fo...


Problem Learning the Colors

I.V. asks from New York

Hi - my name is I.. My daughther Amanda just turn three about a week ago. She goes full time to day care and she is doing well. She knows all of the alphabet and n...


Discussing Race with Children

B.D. asks from Lincoln

i am trying to figure out the proper way to discuss race with my children. i want them to be accepting of everyone, regardless of the color of their skin. up until ju...


Learning Colors and Shapes

V.W. asks from Tyler

I have been working with my son since he turned one on his ABC's and 123's. He could say all his ABC's and count to 15 by the time he turned two. While all of this is...


Aiming for "Pleasing" Preschool Artwork

L.T. asks from Pittsburgh

My son is 4.5 years old and is in his first year of preschool. I have a concern that is actually more of an irritation I suppose. Usually when he colors/paints he i...


Racial Diversity and Children. Do You Encourage?

K.B. asks from Chicago

Hello moms. I am wondering if you encourage diverse relationships among your kids. Kids are so open and genuine that they don't see race or color. The innocence is bl...