Color Blindness

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Question About Color Blindness in 2 Year Olds- Is It Possible to Tell

J.B. asks from New York

My huband is convinced my 2 yr old is C/B. Does anyone know when that skill is acquired, and how late it should actually surface? He is so smart in other areas, but w...


Your Thoughts on Speaking About Skin Color

D.W. asks from Dallas

Moms, I will try to be short and to the point, but I want to know how you handle or if you feel the need to handle issues of race when it comes to your kids. Let me ...


Color Preference in 10-1/2 Month Old

V.H. asks from St. Louis

This may or may not be nothing, but my 10-1/2 month old really loves the color yellow and frequently crawls around with a yellow toy in his right hand. There can be ...


Seeing Color Spots

A.G. asks from Lakeland

My son has complained about seeing color spots. I took him to get his eyes checked and the eye doc said his eyes where good. Does anybody know what could causes this?...



L.R. asks from Honolulu

My four year old boy still doesn't know his colors. He can count,write his name, etc. He is very smart except when it comes to color. The teacher doesn't think he ...


Teaching Colors

J.L. asks from Kansas City

My son will be 3 in April and is either really stubborn or just not getting it. He knows his numbers up to 20, knows the alphabet and can point out letters and number...


Learning Colors

A.J. asks from Washington DC

Hi Mamas!! I am reaching out to all of you who are Mom to a toddler boy!! My son will be 3 in December, and I am worried about him not learning his colors. He can do...


Thinking My Niece Is a Compulsive Liar.

K.G. asks from Portland

Hello!My sister was going on vacation for a few days and she let me be with her 12 year old daughter .I noticed she would go on facebook and make up fake familys.I wa...


How to Teach Acceptance & Tolerance

I.L. asks from Alexandria

I apologize in advance that my thoughts may be a little bit rambling, but these thoughts have been tumbling in my head for the last few days! Monday night my husba...


3 (Almost 4) Year Old Doesn't Know Colors.

T.L. asks from Cleveland

My son will be 4 in January and STILL doesn't seem to know his colors. When he is asked what color something he is he always says "green" or "red" without even looki...