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Saving Money for Your Child

L.J. asks from Little Rock

I am wanted to but money in a saving account for my child to recieve when he is 18. I heard about all these diffrent types of saving accounts. Does anyone know which ...


Invest or Pay Extra Towards Mortgage?

A.D. asks from Dallas

My mom just passed away and I am inheriting half of her investment account, it was divided up into different mutual funds earning her 1.9% and 3.2% interest. I found ...


How Do You save for Your Children's College?

A.D. asks from New York

My son is 3. I don’t want him to have to pay for college like I had to (still am!).   How do you save for your children’s college? Do you have a regular saving...


What to Do with Monetary Graduation Gifts?

K.T. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is about to graduate high school and head to college in the fall. She is receiving a considerable amount of money gifts from family and friends. I would...


College Savings Fund

C.E. asks from Washington DC

I'm trying to be responsible and start a savings account for my daughter's college, but there seems to be so much information that I'm overwhelmed. Can anyone give so...


U Promise

L.C. asks from Minneapolis

I have been looking in opening a UPromise account for my son, but really confused about the whole thing! I would love to hear from other moms that use the program. I ...


College Fund for Stepdaughter

N.S. asks from Chicago

I really want to start setting aside money for college for my stepdaughter. I really want the money to be protected from her mom and I want to assure that it will be ...


Savings for Junior

A.E. asks from Minneapolis

Hello, Supermoms! My hubby and I have received some cash gifts for various occasions since our boy was born. We've just been tucking them in his "piggy bank" so fa...


Need Help Figuring Out Where to Put 6 Yr. Olds Money

D.K. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies. My son just turned 6 this June. He recently won a settlement of $12,000. The courts say it needs to go into a restricted account until he turns 18. The...


How Much Do You Contribute for College/savings??

L.M. asks from Springfield

How much if any do you contribute to your child's college and/or savings fund. I decided to become a SAHM about a year ago to raise our son and daughter which has bee...