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Cold Hands and Feet

K.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have tried to bundle my son up at night to keep him warm but he kicks off his blankets at night and wakes up with cold hands and feet. He has never really been a sn...


Sleeping Without a Swaddle?

K.L. asks from Savannah

My son loves to be swaddled, but at 4 months old, he is growing too large for his swaddleme and swaddling with a regular blanket is too loose for his liking. We have...


Weaning off the Swaddle

J.H. asks from Minneapolis

My 7.5-month-old son does reasonably well with his sleeping, but he's still dependent on being swaddled in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. In fact, he seems to ...


Advice on Breaking Baby of Dependence on Swaddling

A.D. asks from Raleigh

Hello, Helpful Moms. I have a wonderful 3-month old son who overall is a very good sleeper. My challenge is that he sleeps well only when tightly swaddled, but now ...


Still Swaddling and Co-sleeping at 5 Months

C.B. asks from Boston

We are still swaddling my 5 month old daughter (in the Kiddopotomas SwaddleMe) and putting her in a co-sleeper next to my bed. She is sleeping great - a 10pm to 7am ...



C.R. asks from St. Louis

My baby girl is almost 6 months old. About a month ago she got a double ear infection and a cold so we had her sleep in her car seat. When she got over the ear infe...


Help 4 Month Old Sleep Without Being Swaddled

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Recently we have been trying to get our 4 month old son to sleep without being swaddled at night. It takes him close to an hour to finally fall asleep!!! This involve...


5 Month Old Breastfed Baby, Sleep Issues, Formula and Miracle Blanket

K.C. asks from Boston

I think I may have a unique problem that is a combination of breastfeeding, swaddling, sleep, and sanity... My 5 month old daughter Isabella was never a great sle...


How Long to Swaddle?

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hi mamas! I have a 3 1/2 year old dd and 2 10-week old twin daughters. Due to some reflux issues, my twins have been sleeping in their swings for naps and bedtime...



J.H. asks from Dallas

My baby is 8 weeks old and we swaddle her using a Halo Sleep sack swaddler and have done so since she was born. She is now breaking out of her swaddle almost every t...