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Alternatives to Soda? (For Me)

M. asks from Dallas

I have always been a regular coke drinker. I have tried diet and the 0 drinks, but I always go back to regular. It did not used to be a problem, but after my second c...


Any Advice on How to Cut Back on Soda?

E.S. asks from Phoenix

I love soda. Been drinking it since i was 36 now.I want to quit drinking it or at least drink one can a day.I'm up to a 6 pack a day now. I tried to quit cold tu...


Caffeinated Replacement for Soda?

M.S. asks from Milwaukee

Hi there, I hate coffee, but...I need a little caffeine in the late morning / early afternoon to give me a little jump. I know, I know - it's terrible to do, but....



M.R. asks from Cleveland

So I have just found out that I am hosting Christmas Eve this year. This is not a bad thing by any means, but I wish I knew about it last year. My house isn't the c...


Can You Use Vinegar/baking Soda in a Front Loading Washer?

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

I use baking soda and vinegar all of the time in my regular washer and a friend has a front loading washer and would like to do the same. Anyone know if this will ca...


Green Cleaning

H.B. asks from Denver

After reading a few books, I decided I used way to many chemicals in cleaning. This past year I've switched to using baking soda, vinegar and water for most things, t...


Vinegar as a Cleaner

A.C. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know just how well vinegar gets things SANITARY? I really want to try making my own cleaners and have found numerous sources that explain how to use vi...


Homemade Cleaners

S.H. asks from Boise

I was wondering if any of you have good homemade multipurpose cleaners you like to use. Like to clean my stove (inside and out), clean my cabinets, walls, etc. Buying...


Cleaning Toys...

M.N. asks from Chicago

What is the best cleaner fr the gyms and toys in the play room? Im scared of our little one ingesting harmful cleaners. Any help would be greatly apreciated....


What Cleaners to Buy?

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

I was told that all of my cleaning products were toxic &I needed to purchase Non-Toxic cleaners for my home, as I am 5 months pregnant. Does anyone know exactly what ...