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Help with Stain Removal

J.G. asks from St. Louis

My 7 month old is a very messy eater, as most others I'm sure. At daycare he seems to get distracted and gets food all over his clothes. They do not attempt to soak...


Wine Stain in Baby's Overalls

M.F. asks from Colorado Springs

Hello Moms, and especially the laundry wonder women out there! We went to a wedding last night, and I was talking to a friend at the reception. Someone jostled her ...


How Do You Get a Red Stain Out of Tan Pants?

S.X. asks from Chicago

apparently there was a tiny bit of red on one of my son's shirts and when we washed it, it bled on his pants. they have been dried. is there anyway to get that red o...


Help! Ink Stain!

S.R. asks from San Antonio

I recently got an ink stain on my favorite khaki pants, I have no idea how it happened, but I've washed them twice after using both oxiclean and shout, and nothing wo...


Clothing and Shoe Thoughts

D.L. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms! Clothing and shoe questions. With school starting back up soon, I was just curious as to what some of you feel are wardrobe staples for your grade-schooler...


How to Get Apple Stain Out of Baby's Shirt

R.E. asks from Kansas City

I let my 8 month old nibble on an apple slice w/o a bib and the juice got on her shirt and turned brownish red. I've tried Shout, pre-soaking and washing the shirt in...


Where to Find Ski/snow Clothing

A.L. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, we are planning our christmas trip to New Mexico (it was Colorado but changed our minds) to Taos and Santa Fe for this Christmas and we are spending three ...


How to Get RED Marker Stain Out?

P.L. asks from Washington DC

Hey mamas, its an older stain. I used resolve on the marker(dont know what kind) stains. I DID NOT put the dress in the washer, thank goodness. The stains are lighte...


Stain Remover for Newborn's Laundry

J.C. asks from San Francisco

I'm having a having a heck of a time removing leaky diaper stains. What stain remover product do you like? Someone recommended BioKleen Bac Out, but I cannot find i...


Ink Stain Removal

M.H. asks from Boise

Hello Ladies, We just installed new carpet in our home, so you can imagine the frustration we experienced when we returned home and found that our black lab found ...