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Stain Remover

S.T. asks from Milwaukee

I have a toddler daughter who is very tough on her clothes. I'm struggling to find a good stain remover or treatment method. Any tips, tricks or products that you've ...


Stain Remover

K.J. asks from Houston

I am looking for the best stain remover for clothes. Is there a "safer" one for childrens cloths or any one will do???


Clothes for Work

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I need some new clothes for work. I am in my 40s and work for a non-profit organization. It is an office setting and there are times when we meet with f...


Pomegranate/Blueberry Stain

A.S. asks from Iowa City

I have a cactus shaped pomegranate/blueberry juice stain on my carpet. I have tried Resolve carpet spray and my carpet shampooer but it hasn't worked. Any ideas how...


Stain Removal

J.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter put a blackberry in the pocket of her shirt today, the 1st time we've ever worn this shirt!! Any recomendations on how to get the stain out? I've tried ...


Stain Removal

B.A. asks from Lakeland

I am looking for suggestions for stain removal. I have a 4 month old breastfed baby who is pooping all over everywhere and I can't get it out of her clothes or my ca...


Getting Red Juice Stain Out of Beige Carpet

C.L. asks from Sacramento

I know there have been requests for this before, but I just can't find them. We had a spill of juice/kool-aid (some red beverage), and now we have a big red stain in...


Stain Removers

A.R. asks from Kansas City

I have two year old twins so you can only imagine how dirty their clothes can get. Does anyone have a suggestion for a stain remover. I have tried a few different bra...


Stain Remover

C.O. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone recommend a good stain remover for clothing? I like the tide stick for small stains, for me, it doesn't work so well on larger stains. My daughter is still...


Ketchup Stain

T.H. asks from Topeka

My daughter came home from a friends house this morning with a ketchup stain on her striped shirt on the white part. I have had it soaking in Oxyclean all day and eve...