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3 Year Old Daughter Has Potty Accidents on Purpose So She Can Change Her Outfit.

B.M. asks from Richland

Our 3-1/2 year old daughter was almost fully potty trained during the day until just recently. She started having full blown potty "accidents" - not really on accide...


School Clothes

S.S. asks from Cleveland

My girls are headed to kindergarten this fall, so this is our first round of buying school clothes. What exactly do you buy and what quantities. Here in Ohio it wil...


First Birthday Outfit

N.W. asks from Kansas City

I'm looking for a really cute outfit for my son's first birthday. I'd like it to say something about it being his first birthday. I've looked online a bit but can o...


Clothes for Work

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I need some new clothes for work. I am in my 40s and work for a non-profit organization. It is an office setting and there are times when we meet with f...


How Much Do You Oversee Clothing Choices?

S.R. asks from Washington DC

My dd picks out her clothes to wear each day (10) but I can't help but point out when things are mismatched, or inconsistent with the always leads to a ...


Kids and Their Clothes

D.H. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone figured out how to get their kids to simply put their dirty clothes in a hamper that they are standing right next to or to put clean clothes in their drawe...


How Much Do You Spend on Kids Clothing??

L.O. asks from Detroit

My hub is doing a detailed budget .. so we are looking at all of our spending for all areas. I got a year end credit card statement.. and it looks like I spend abo...


What to Do with Baby Clothes...

B.W. asks from Chicago

I have a ton (a TON!) of boy baby clothes newborn/0-3 months, and 3-6 months (and pretty soon 6-9 months too). I'm not interested in going through the hassle of selli...


Picky About Clothes

B.Z. asks from Grand Rapids

My three year old knows what he does and doesn't want to wear and makes it very clear. A couple examples are that he is still wearing his boots with no snow in sight ...


A Woman's Choice of Clothing

K.A. asks from Boston

My significant other has made comments about women in what he perceives as tight or revealing clothing. I think women should feel free to dress as they please. Of cou...