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Visitation and Clothing

E.R. asks from Minneapolis

Do you provide all of the clothing for your child when they go to visit dad? I have in the past, but recently stopped due to things not returning, or them not even b...


Baby Boy "Take Home Outfit" - ??

C.J. asks from Dallas

What did you take your little one home in? I'm putting wayyyyyyyyyy to much time into finding an outfit that he's going to wear for an hour! But the hospital I'm de...


The Christmas Outfit

E.S. asks from New York

Hi all. I'm sure this topic has been revisited many a times so here's another one to add to the pile. My MIL took it upon herself to buy my DD a Christmas outfit....


How Much Clothing Should We Have??

B.L. asks from Oklahoma City

How much clothing do your kids have? We have 2 princesses...1 & 5, and a house OVERFLOWING with toys & clothes (I've already done garage sales and charity giveaways ...


Children's Clothing

T.L. asks from St. Louis

For all of you Mama's who no longer are with your child's father how do you handle your child(rens) clothing? Do they have their own clothing/coats/sports stuff at b...


Clothing Wars!

M.B. asks from Green Bay

My daughter who is 3 and a half has a mind of her own when it comes to clothing. Every morning it is a total battle to get her dressed. I am not sure if what I am d...


Christmas Outfit for Size 5 Boy

C.S. asks from Miami

My biggest pet peeve is that boys clothing starts to look just like their Dad's at size 2T! Why can't boys have nice Christmas and Easter clothing also? I know that...


Advice About a Makeup Situation

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

I am 24 years old and have been married five years. My husband has issues with makeup. not because of how it makes me look or appear to other people but because he ...


Preemie Clothing

2.O. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know where I can find preemie clothing? I heard that Target & Walmart sell them online but I"m wondering if they sell them in their stores as well? Does...


Seeking Outfit to Wear to an Oct. Wedding

J.T. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies- Do you have any suggestions? My family is attending a wedding in October. The wedding is in Minn, so it most likely will be cold. I am looking for a fun o...