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If You Could Live in 1 Piece of Clothing Article What Would It Be? (JFF)

✩.!. asks from Denver

Mine would be sweat pants and sweat shirt - well I guess that is 2 so if I had to chose betweent hem - definitely the sweat pants. They are just so comfy - and they ...


Is There an Item of Clothing You MUST Have in Name Brand?

J.B. asks from Houston

The only shoes I wear are Nike. I've tried others, but none feel as good on my feet as Nike. Jeans, from Buckle. But that's about it. Is there one thing you wea...


Shopping Ahead of Time for Toddler Clothes

M.W. asks from Seattle

So, you know how after kids hit that 18 month mark they kind of stop growing so rapidly? Well, my daughter is 20 months, has always been able to wear the clothing si...


Toning Shoes

S.R. asks from Seattle

Does anyone have or know of toning, firming shoes that they like, or don't like. I would like to hear both good and bad reviews please. I just need them for every...


Exercise Clothes

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - It's been a while since I've been to the gym, and I plan to start an exercise class (cardio and strength training) next week. I'd love some advice as to ...


2Nd Grade BOY Worried About What "Brand"

T.L. asks from St. Louis

As we walked into Dairy Queen tonight my son asked, "What brand are your shoes?" I replied "Reebok, why?" He replied, "O mine are Nike." Next we get home and he pi...


Durable Sneakers

M.C. asks from Detroit

This is a follow up to my question from yesterday about school clothes. My oldest son is very hard on his shoes. The only shoes that last are Crocs, but he isn't al...


Must We Price Everything at $1??

M.S. asks from Washington DC

We are participating in a big "kids stuff" sale this weekend. Its called "Kids Nearly New Sale" and its at our local fairgrounds and familys rent booths and sell ba...


Tall Husbands!

L.S. asks from Chicago

Alright, there has to be some other moms out there whose husbands are at least 6'4 or taller! I need help! We have such a hard time finding him pants and shoes. Wher...



K.M. asks from Detroit

Ok Hopefully you all can give me answers 1st ? when working out if you wear fitted or suppotive clothes will you burn more fat? Is running better than fast walking to...