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How Much Do You Spend on a Typical Outfit for Your Toddler?

E.J. asks from Atlanta

My hubby says that I spend too much money on our youngest. He says that he's only 2 years old and dont require all of that. I ususally spend $45 for a pair of sneaks ...


Help with Stained Baby Clothing....

H.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I am wondering if anyone has found a product that works good on breast-fed, poop stains on baby's clothing. My daughter seems to have "blow-outs" all the time and I c...


Mineral Make-up?

G.G. asks from Chicago

Can anyone provide me any comments or feedback on Mineral Make-up. Specifically I am looking at Bare Essentials. I also thought I read somewhere that Titanium Di...


Good Pretreater on Infant/toddler Clothes

S.K. asks from Cleveland

Do any of you know of a good pretreater for infant and toddler clothes? I soak my son's clothes in cold water and it does nothing. I've washed the clothes right away ...


What to Do with Stained Baby Clothes

C.C. asks from Detroit

My SIL recently had a girl so I went through all my daugther's baby clothes to give as hand me downs. About 1/3 have stains of some sort that I couldn't get out or di...


How to Get Oil Spot Out of Clothes.

S.S. asks from Detroit

In the last week I have come across a handful of articles of clothing that have oil spots on them. It seems to have gotten on at least on article for each family meme...


3T Little Boys Clothes

L.G. asks from Detroit

I am looking for summer clothes for my son. Does anyone know of a cheap resale that has good quality clothes or maybe you know someone personally that has some and n...


Sunblock Staining Clothes

M.I. asks from Detroit

It is the Summertime and I am always putting sunblock on my daughter. After I wash her clothes they come out with a orangish stain around the arms,neck, and anywhere...


Affordable Maternity Clothing

S.R. asks from Fort Wayne

Does anyone have any good ideas on places to get affordable maternity clothes? This pregnancy has been a surprise that I am not financially quite ready for. So any he...


How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothing

N.O. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know how to get oil (like olive oil) out of clothes. My son spilled some on his favorite shorts and i've tried to oxi clean them and my usual remedy of g...