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Luvs Diaper Question

L.S. asks from Hartford

I was just wondering if anyone has noticed if Luvs diapers have changed at all in the last couple of months. Lately i am noticing that both my girls are wetting thro...


Do You Use Target or Luvs Brand Diapers?

M.P. asks from Chicago

Hi, I recently noticed the huge price difference (12-15 dollars) between Pampers and Target brand or Pampers and Luvs. So I'm wondering are the cheaper brands just...


Newborn Baby Clothes

L.M. asks from Dallas

Im due early January with a baby girl. I do have 2 older children 13 and 11 but for some reason I cant remember small things like how often I changed the baby clothes...


Newborn Soaking Clothes When Pees

J.B. asks from Huntsville

Hi. I have a 1 1/2 week old newborn son that has been circumcized. My problem is that when he pees, he constantly soaks his clothes along with anything else that he...


Best Detergent to Use for Washing Newborn Clothes

J.E. asks from Dallas

hi moms, i'm a first time expectant mum who lives in north dallas(royal by I-635 area)and was wandering what is the best detergent i can use to wash my newborn's c...


7 Week Old Son Constantly Peeing Through Clothes

A.Z. asks from New York

For a while, Alex's clothes would only be wet once in a while, however for the past few days, it's pretty often that his clothes are wet with urine. I'm not sure if ...


Seeking Advise on How to Avoid Wet, Soggy Clothing and Child in the Morning From

A.J. asks from Dayton

I have a 9 month old boy. At night we prepare him for bed with a new, clean diaper. He sleeps alone, in his crib, and most of the night he sleeps on his belly. Mos...


Diaper Brands

R.M. asks from Boston

Hi, I was price shopping for diapers and noticed how much cheaper Luvs diapers and the store brand diapers at BJ's wholesale are. Has anyone used these? How are they...


Suggestions Needed on Treating Stains on Baby's Clothing from Diaper "Accidents"

C.W. asks from Chicago

Hello, My diapering skills must need some major tweaking, as the number of diaper accidents seem to be increasing lately :). Does anyone have suggestions for ways...


What Size Should I Get My Son

J.F. asks from Saginaw

Hello again. I am coming on to ask what size diapers and what brand you all recommend. I put him in a size 3 right now. But he keeps leaking through to his clothes. I...