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How Much Do You Spend on a Typical Outfit for Your Toddler?

E.J. asks from Atlanta

My hubby says that I spend too much money on our youngest. He says that he's only 2 years old and dont require all of that. I ususally spend $45 for a pair of sneaks ...


Help with Stained Baby Clothing....

H.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I am wondering if anyone has found a product that works good on breast-fed, poop stains on baby's clothing. My daughter seems to have "blow-outs" all the time and I c...


Sunblock Staining Clothes

M.I. asks from Detroit

It is the Summertime and I am always putting sunblock on my daughter. After I wash her clothes they come out with a orangish stain around the arms,neck, and anywhere...


Affordable Maternity Clothing

S.R. asks from Fort Wayne

Does anyone have any good ideas on places to get affordable maternity clothes? This pregnancy has been a surprise that I am not financially quite ready for. So any he...


Is Using Dreft for Baby Clothes Really Necessary?

J.W. asks from Columbus

Dear Moms. I am wondering if using special baby laundry detergents like Dreft really necessary??? Has anyone tried both and really see the difference? Or, can I just ...


Clothes That Fit for 2 Year Old

N.J. asks from Dayton

I have an almost two year old and I am having a hard time finding bottoms ( pants, skirts, etc) that fit. She is very skinny and tall. All the 24 month and 2T sizes a...


How Many Outfits Does Your Child Have??

L.O. asks from Detroit

It seems like my kids have a lot of clothes.. and with as fast as they grow through sizes.. Some things barely get worn before they have outgrown them.. So I am takin...


The Smell of Urine in Soiled Linens and Clothes

M.M. asks from Grand Rapids

Does anyone have a recommendation for how to get the smell out of linens and clothes once my toddler has wet her bed? Thanks! I've tried vinegar and it's ok.


Is Your Child in Modeling?

K.V. asks from Lansing

I have had several people tell me I should get my daughter into modeling. Well, I kinda agree...I do think shes the cutest thing ever :) (and I need to update her p...


Backpack Dilemma

D.M. asks from Detroit

Ahhhhh! The choices are endless!! What do you all feel about the backpack issue. Most kids I know get a new one every year with the current superhero of choice. Howev...