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Looking for My 3T Outfit

A.O. asks from Denver

I am attending a baptism and would like to find a nice outfit for my toddler (like a shortall or something that he can wear in warm weather). Unfortunately everything...


Baby Clothing

L.M. asks from Fort Myers

My girlfriend gave me a lot of clothes to go through but most of them are sizes 0-3 months and 6-9 months. How many do I need in each size, since babies grow so fast?...


Baby Boy "Take Home Outfit" - ??

C.J. asks from Dallas

What did you take your little one home in? I'm putting wayyyyyyyyyy to much time into finding an outfit that he's going to wear for an hour! But the hospital I'm de...


Preemie Clothing

2.O. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know where I can find preemie clothing? I heard that Target & Walmart sell them online but I"m wondering if they sell them in their stores as well? Does...


How Much Do You Spend on a Typical Outfit for Your Toddler?

E.J. asks from Atlanta

My hubby says that I spend too much money on our youngest. He says that he's only 2 years old and dont require all of that. I ususally spend $45 for a pair of sneaks ...


Holiday Clothes

K.L. asks from Savannah

Where do you shop for your children's holiday clothes and how much do you pay? I have a little boy who will be 13 months at Christmas time. We want to have a specia...



K.B. asks from Indianapolis

I was wondering where you find the best deals on infant/toddler clothes for the current season?


Pricing on Clothes at Garage Sales

T.O. asks from Chicago

We're thinking about having a garage sale and I'm wondering how to go about pricing some of my daughter's clothes. I'm thinking it's pretty typical for boys clothes ...


Best Clothes for Newborns?

S.K. asks from San Francisco

I am a first time Mom-to-be and am a little overwhelmed by what kind of baby clothes will be the most comfortable for my newborn - any ideas?


Haveing Problem Finding Baby Boy Winter Clothing.

K.G. asks from Dayton

Does anyone know a good place to find clothing for a 3mth old baby boy. I have looked at almost every store.