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Balmex Application Tips

P.R. asks from Boston

Well, my 5 month old has a slight diaper rash and I now remember what I hate about Balmex, putting it on their but! The one in the tube isn't asthick and doesn't wor...


Children on Prozac or Zoloft?

J.F. asks from Waterloo

My child has been a "difficult, strong-willed, etc" type child since he was old enough to talk. When he was two, he used to throw the wildest tantrums when his cloth...


My 2Month Breastfed Baby Girl Has an Itchy Scalp.

S.M. asks from Phoenix

My daughter has had this itchy scalp(seems to be worse when she gets hot) problem for a couple weeks now and her dr. has advised me to use small amts of Aveeno hydroc...


Help Me Out, I Need to Know How I Should Approach This...

S.B. asks from Chicago

So, this year I decided to get out and do more, for myself and with my son. This past Friday I attended my first MOPS meeting (mothers of preschoolers). I took my so...


Diaper Rash! Help!

J.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi: The craziest thing happened this weekend. My daughter was fine on Saturday morning and then, I changed her before her nap and noticed a super-red diaper rash tha...


Rug Burn Advice

N.Q. asks from Boston

My 8month old has been crawling for a few weeks. She has rug burn pretty bad on her knees, does anyone have any advice how to get rid of it? I forgot to mention, ...


Heat Rash

O.S. asks from New York

My daughter just turned 2 and with the heat she keeps getting terrible heat rashes. She is itching really bad to the point where her skin is breaking. Is there any...


Diaper Rash

D.H. asks from Dallas

Okay yall, its been awhile since I've had a little one with diaper rash. I have forgotten what works the best... I don’t know if he’s just very unhappy but the ...


Desitin Stain

M.S. asks from Scranton

Hello, I'm sure most of you know the diaper change wiggle, so I'm wondering how to get Desitin out of my cloths. My daughter constantly wiggles and usually ends up s...


Pimples on My 2 Year Old Bottom

R.T. asks from Dover

My 2 year old daughter has developed pimples on her bottom & I am not sure what to do for them. I have put balmex on them which did not help. Any suggestions would be...