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T.M. asks from Dallas

i'm planning to buy new summer clothes for my children.I have 4 children their agaes are 13,11,9,4 How much clothes should i buy for them and how much money should I ...



O.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know where I can find used clothes for a baby girl? MY daughter is going on 5 months and is growing so fast. Or if anyone has some stuff they are looking ...


What Do Do with Clothes?!?!

T. asks from Las Vegas

Looking for a good charity or somewhere [besides Goodwill or Salvation Army or any other type of place where people have to pay for them] to donate baby clothes that ...


Cabi Clothing

J.K. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone know anything about this line of clothing? I agreed to attend a Cabi party this week, but I have no idea what these clothes cost or if they have petite s...


Clothing Style

R.M. asks from St. Cloud

I am in dyer need of a clothing makeover. I have a hard time picking out what is in style and what looks good on me. Wondering what kind of clothing stores you in s...


Cheap Maternity Clothes

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

Where can I find cheap maternity clothes? I'd hate to spend a fortune for just 9 months of my life but I do work and have to look at least somewhat respectable (not ...


How Much Clothing Should We Have??

B.L. asks from Oklahoma City

How much clothing do your kids have? We have 2 princesses...1 & 5, and a house OVERFLOWING with toys & clothes (I've already done garage sales and charity giveaways ...


Kids Clothing

T.L. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for an on-line store to purchase clothing for my kids. I am looking for like Wal-Mart Target type prices, but still cute clothing. Does any one have an...


Girls Clothing

C.F. asks from Dallas

I went out today to start shopiing for winter/pre-school (Starting in Sept) shopping for my little girl. I went to Childrens Place and Old a few things but ...


Breastfeeding Clothing

D.P. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you a question about clothing for nursing. Of course many of my shirts are a bit too snug right now and was wondering what other moms di...