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MOM2MOM How Do You Price?

D.P. asks from Detroit

I am participating in our local mom 2 mom and am curious on how you price your stuff. Is there a basic percentage rule? I don't want to price on sentiment or these th...


Controlling the Toy & Book Situation

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am in the midst of a deep spring cleaning and organizing spree. It's one of those "getting back to basics" type things where I'm tempted to get rid of everything bu...


3mo.old Xmas Presents?

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

Everyone is asking what to they can get my 3mo.old for xmas.She will be exactly xmas time. She is good on clothing and really doesn't need anything. I need id...


Sub for Santa, I Need Ideas on How to Shop for a Family.

J.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I'm doing the sub for santa shoping for a family of 6, My budget is 400 dollars. I will be getting the details of the family tomorrow but there are 4 boys, a mom and ...


Best Handheld Device for 3 Yr Old

J.K. asks from Kalamazoo

We are thinking of getting some sort of handheld device like a portable dvd player or kindle color or leapster. We want it for long car rides and doctors office wait...


Can Your Baby Read?

S.C. asks from Atlanta

I've seen the "Your Baby Can Read" on tv a lot and I wanted to know has anyone used it and what do you think of it? It appears to be pretty simple where you are showi...


I Love Thrift Store Shopping! Any Other Treasure Hunters Out There??

M.W. asks from San Francisco

I didn't always like "treasure hunting". When I was younger, mom used to schlepp me out on her excursions and I abhorred it. I thought I was too good to be caught ...


Christmas Shopping Early - Buying Gently Used - Couple Different ?'S

S.R. asks from Tampa

I have so many questions! I am looking for ideas for my kids for Christmas. I really would like to buy their stuff gently used this year, they won't know the diff. ...


1 Year Old Boy

R.C. asks from Washington DC

Hi all, Kinda new on here! Can I please have some suggestions for a 1 year old birthday present (boy). willing to spend $50-100. No clothes, please. Thanks!


Christmas Gifts for 7 Year Old Girl?

N.R. asks from Chicago

I know it depends what they're into, but any ideas for neat toys, activities, books, crafts or something you got a young girl one year that was a huge hit? What are y...