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16 Hour Plane Trip with 11 Month Old Twins

J.C. asks from Anchorage

We are taking our first big airplane trip (from Fairbanks to the MS Gulf Coast) with our twins. They will be riding on our laps. We have several flights with layove...


Gift for 10 Yo Girl?

L.H. asks from Detroit

I'm struggling to come up with a quality birthday gift for my 10 yo niece. I'm leaning toward videos and books. Can anyone recommend any for this gender and age group...


Potty Subject

L.W. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies! I need your advice again! I have a 2 and one half year old boy, who has no problem to pee-pee in his potty or in the toilet, but refuses to poo-poo the s...


3 1/2 Year Old Son Will Not Go to the Potty at All!

T.C. asks from Los Angeles

I have a three and 1/2 year son who will not go to the potty at all. He will sit on the toilet and get off and pee in his pants. We have tried everything: bribery,...


Shopping Consignment

S.S. asks from Denver

I LOVE shopping Consignment Store's for my 3 year old daughter. It seems ridiculous to buy items new when they only seem to wear clothes for a short time before my c...


Potty Training

M.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi moms! I would like to get started on toilet training our 14.5 month old baby boy. Is it too early? How do I begin? We are starting from absolute scratch. We bou...


Potty Training

C.P. asks from Wichita

i am trying 2 potty train my son and he just don't want 2 do it can anyone give me any ideas 2 help me out with this i will be so great ful


Gift Giving Survey

C.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Ladies- My friend and i were talking about how much to give the kid's for christmas. From mom and dad and Santa. My parents (even though they didn't have alot of ...


Need Help with Potty Training

J.C. asks from Cleveland

I have a 3 year old son who is perfectly "pee" potty trained. He wears big boy underwear all day and night and does not have accidents. However, he refuses to poop ...


Gift Ideas for 3-Year Old Boy

S.E. asks from Great Falls

My son's third birthday is fast approaching and relatives are starting to ask what they should get him I am at a loss since Christmas was a challenge and not that lo...