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Ideas for 1Yr. Birthday

N.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies My daughter will be turning one in 2 wks. I also have a three year old daughter. So she does not need any books or clothing. My 3 yr. old does not ...


What Size Should I Get My Son

J.F. asks from Saginaw

Hello again. I am coming on to ask what size diapers and what brand you all recommend. I put him in a size 3 right now. But he keeps leaking through to his clothes. I...


Building My Own Shower Gift Basket

M.A. asks from Detroit

I'm building/creating my own baby shower gift basket for 2 different showers I have coming up. I'd like it to be elegant, nice, USEFUL, and most importantly, inexpen...


Pencils: Good Ones

D.N. asks from Chicago

Every year I get pencils for my kids and they are garbage. You sharpen them and they break. This year I want something better. They are supposed to each take a 24 ...


Organic Baby Wash/ Toddler Wash Tear Free Any Suggestions?

S.C. asks from Detroit

Hello Moms I have decided to do organic soaps for my boys. I didnt realize that soap is even bad for us. what a mess!! please let me know what a good brand i...


Diaper Poll

L.R. asks from Detroit

SO far I have tried Target Diapers, Babies R Us Diapers and Swaddlers. I hate hate hate Target diapers, does anyone have any opinion on Walmart Brand Diapers and Cost...


American Doll Look Alike?

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

Anyone know of a doll that is similar to the American Doll? My daughter isn't very responsible with her things and I am pretty sure she wouldn't have any appreciatio...


Need Advice on Diapers

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

i know i have been posted lots of question lately,but i really dont have who i can ask and probably you guys will give me better answer than the people i know since y...


Working Out in Bare Feet

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

My tennis shoes suck. I've been working out at home (30 Day Shred) and after my workout, my feet HURT. Like so bad I can barely walk. My shoes are old, so I'm sure th...


What Hourly Rate to Pay for 13 Year Old?

J.B. asks from Detroit

My 13 year old daughter gets a $13 per week allowance, which $10 she can spend, $3 she saves. She has to keep her shoes put away, coat hung up kind of stuff to earn h...