Clothing & Accessories: Infant

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Does anyone know where I can find used clothes for a baby girl? MY daughter is g...


Baby Clothes.

Are there not neutral infant clothes, anymore? What is a person to do , that is ...

Costumes & Make Believe

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Halloween Costume

My son is 21 Months. I am not sure if I should let him choose his own halloween costume or if he is too young still. He also has knees that are a littl...


Costume Issues

I have a 4 1/2 yr old princess who wants to be a "my little pony" for Halloween....


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"Designer" Hospital Gowns (For Less???)

I have seen sites for "designer" hospital gowns but they are soo expensive! but I would really like to have one that is cuter than the standard they ha...


Maternity Clothes

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I'm trying to find a baby shower dress and other sprin...


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Baby Clothing

My girlfriend gave me a lot of clothes to go through but most of them are sizes 0-3 months and 6-9 months. How many do I need in each size, since babie...


Baby Clothes.

Are there not neutral infant clothes, anymore? What is a person to do , that is ...


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Thanksgiving Tips

Hi Moms. I always have Thanksgiving at my house, but it turns out to be so darn...


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Organic Formula

So I saw an organic soy formula at the health food store and was wonering if anyone has every tried any type of organic formula. what did you think of ...


Organic Formula?

Is organic forumula better for baby than standard formula? My 7 week old is curr...


Organic Formula

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good organic brand of formula to feed my b...


Organic Formula

Does anyone have experience with Baby's Only Organic Dairy Formula and the DHA/A...


Organic Formula

Hello there. I am a mom of a 6month old. I am 90% nursing and 10% formula feedin...

Sleep Sacks & Swaddlers

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Swaddling Vs. Sleep Sack

Here's my dilemma, my 8 week old does very well with swaddling, in fact, it was a god send for us. Our problem now is that she grunts and struggles (wh...


Sleep Sack

Hi, Does anyone have a baby that sleeps in a sleep sack, and if so, can they or...


Sleep Sack

Can anyone recommend a good sleep sack for a 4 month old who is 16 lbs? When di...

Slippers & Booties

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Toddler Slippers with a Gripper Bottom

Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy some slippers for my 2 year old, but I want ones that have a gripper bottom to prevent her from slipping on hard wood...



Mamas & Papas - Any suggestions for a good pair of slippers for our 15 month...


Supportive Slippers?

My feet ache when I am pregnant and I am looking to prevent as much pain and flu...

Special Occasion Clothes

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Christening Dress

Hello - I'm looking for a dress my daughter will wear to her baptism in a few weeks. She will be 3 months old at the time. I don't want to spend t...



My son's baptism is comming up and I was just wondering if anyone had a few idea...