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How Likely Am I to Have Multiples After Taking Clomid

M.J. asks from Des Moines

My husband and I just found out that we are expecting our first baby. We have been to a fertility Dr. and i was taking clomid for the first time when i became pregna...


What Could Have Gone Wrong After Clomid

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

I know this is only my first round of Clomid day 3 to day 7. We followed all of doc's instructions, ovulation also happened on 7th of progesterone was also q...


Can Clomid Contribute to Miscarriage?

B.H. asks from Los Angeles

I had a miscarriage from a natural pregnancy in October of 2009. After that miscarriage my cycles were all screwed up. I then started Clomid and got pregnant the 3r...


Anyone Tried Clomid?

K.R. asks from Denver

Hello ladies! I find myself asking your wonderful opinions again! Short story...I have two wonderful boys, 3 and 17 months. We want one more, but it has now been 6 mo...


Side Effects on Clomid

B.C. asks from Dallas

My issue is that I am on my 2nd month of taking clomid 50mg. The first month I experienced no side effects, this month I am on day 17 of my cycle and have had some pr...


Personal Experiences with Clomid?

Z.T. asks from San Francisco

After two miscarriages in one year, I decided to seek help from a fertility specialist. I have undergone just about every blood test out there, as well as an HSG. M...


3 Rounds Luck! Anybody Tried IUI?

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi.....After no success with 3 rounds of doctor is suggesting IUI. I got pregnant with my first only after 1st round clomid. What are your experiences wi...


I Took Clomid Without Knowing I Was Pregnant. I Am Freaking Out!

C.L. asks from Reno

After 4 very long natural cycles with a short LP I decided my next cycle would be a clomid cycle and my RE was onboard. I ovulated on 12/14 naturally and started blee...



M.W. asks from Chicago

After a few months of testing, I just found out that I have very low progesterone and my doctor wants me to start taking Clomid tomorrow. Have any of you taken Clomi...


Please I Really Would like Other Moms Input on This"clomid"

M.4. asks from Los Angeles

any one on clomid or have used clomid? i would like to know sided effects or any weird symtoms or personal experience anything helps im about to start a round next mo...