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House Cleaning

C.H. asks from Augusta

Ok, I clean my house EVERY....EVERY day.I kee uo with mopping often,cleaning my furniture,cleaning my bed sheets and all other cleaning duties.But no matter how much ...


Housekeeping ???

E.C. asks from Dallas

Hey Ladies, A mom I babysit for asked me if I would like to help her around her house twice a month with some cleaning. She didn't want to have a major company com...


House Cleaning Service in Laurel

A.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi, Does anyone have any good recommendations for a housecleaning service? I am pregnant, and will be undergoing Chemotherapy very soon, so I need som help in this de...


Looking for a House Cleaning Lady

N.F. asks from San Francisco

Hi all! We just recently moved to a Cambrian area of San Jose, and we would like to find someone who could come bi-weekly to clean the house. We have never had a hous...


Looking for a Trustworthy Maid for House Cleaning ASAP.

E.A. asks from Atlanta

Hi, I live in Kennesaw area off of Acworth due west. I'm looking for a trustworthy maid to do house cleaning biweekly. The lady that was cleaning for me was great but...


Looking for Reputable House Cleaning Service in Frisco Area

M.W. asks from Dallas

Does anyone recommend a good house cleaning service for a one time cleaning in the Frisco area that is not too expensive?


Need Good House Cleaning Referral for Rochester Hills

M.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms! I am looking for a new house cleaning person to come to our home every other week...I have all of the natural/bio-degradable cleaning products, just need som...


Twice Monthly House Cleaning Needed

N. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello, I am looking for a reference for a housecleaner that would come 2 times a month. We can provide supplies. Cleaning would involve standard vacuuming, dusting a...


House Cleaning in West Fort Worth- Trinity Heights Neighborhood

T.S. asks from Dallas

We have just moved to the west fort worth are in Trinity Heights from Houston and I am needing a really good house cleaning service that also does laundry for a 2 sto...


Seeking House Cleaning Help in Gilbert

A. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I am looking for someone who could help me with cleaning my house. I am alone much of the time since my husband works on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and I ne...