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Need Rug Cleaning Machine for Home Use

Okay, I am all about SIMPLE. To rent the Rug Dr. and lug it home to clean 1 8 x 10 carpet is crazy to me. Cost is a factor, I think if I got something about the size and simplicity of a vacuum cleaner it would be more my style. I have other rugs, some wool, some cotton etc. Is there such a thing that would clean it all and be vacuum cleaner-ish? I am trying to find something I can do myself with an appliance I could buy. Thanks for your help!


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Whos House Is It Anyways?

I have a very important question: My husband and I have been married for almost 6 yrs this coming October. The house is in his name only since i was the one to move in here 3yrs before we got married. He does not want to add my name to the deed. He and his family have said this is not my house. I'm the one cleaning it, I'm the one washing clothes and dishes, cooking. I don't work because I care full-time for our 20 month old twins. This past March we almost divorced due to an incident, He go physical with me and I called the police. That's...