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Sahm's of Young Kids, What Are Your Days Like?

I have a 2.5 yr old and a 3 month old. And I feel like I just "can't get it together". Usually the baby is up first so right away I change him and feed him a bottle. Before hes done with the bottle the 2.5 yr old gets up and immediately wants breakfast needs to be changed etc. By the time they are both changed and dressed for the morning, I barely have a cup of coffee before the older one wants to play. And then shortly the baby is ready for a short nap, then another bottle. Most days I look at the clock and its after 10 and I havent eaten,...


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Help - How to Clean House with a 6 Month Old Who Hates Being Put Down?

We relocated not long before I got pregnant so have no family or close friends for thousands of miles to help watch him. I was on bedrest for months before the birth so things started to pile up even then. Fast forward to 6 months later and our little guy just hates being put down in his crib or in a swing for more than 10 mins. During his naps I try to be quiet and not make much noise so as not to wake him and usually it's my only chance to eat while he sleeps (his naps are usually short, anyways). Our apt is so messy, chaotic and dirty...