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After School

G.V. asks from Chicago

My family is starting public school for the first time ever. We were fortunate enough to send our kids to private school until recently. Right now, there are registe...



H.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter is going to start school in 2011. The debate is public or private school and I'm just not sure which way to go. Does anyone have any stats on public vs p...


Making Friends with New School

S.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, We've moved to a school this year and I've gone back to work at about the same time. How do I get to know the moms of the kids at school. My DD has fun at s...



W.B. asks from Cleveland

My son always liked school, mostly recieving A & B's until junior high he started loosing interest, and to this day it's a hassle to get him to go. I've tried everythi...



J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I want to know if a child can be held back in the second grade, or does the parent have the last say so on whether he advances? He is in the Woodlandhills school Dist...


Son and Friends at School

S.W. asks from Bellingham

My 5 year old son has good friend that is a girl and they are in the same class at school. He is a typical boy but sometimes likes to play with girl toys. He and his...



A.R. asks from Omaha

how do you as a sngle parent who really has never been away from your kids get use to them going to school for the first time.


What to Do About School?

J.C. asks from Lynchburg

Okay, first off, my son says he loves school. He says he doesn't want to miss it/stop going, etc. He has a best friend there and other little friends, and really comes...



P.M. asks from Harrisburg

Let me start by saying I know our family is very blessed. We have 2 children, both are identified as gifted and both are in the gifted program at their respective sch...


School or No School

V.V. asks from Louisville

I have a 2-Year old kiddo & at our 2 year check up, I asked our pedi what a good age for starting school is (3 or 4 for preschool). And my pedi told me that unless I ...