Classmates: Infant

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Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel comfortable having my children's friends over? A little background: I am a SAHM to five children. My SO and I met just over 4 years ago. I already had a son (now6) he had three girls (now 5,8,9), together we had one girl (now 3). Well, now four of the five are in elementary school and have lots of friends. I'm wondering how many other families just don't really do the friend thing. Part of my problem is our house is never company ready, as you can imagine...


Friends and Marriage

In the past it seems that I had lots of women friends. However, I've been...


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Is Your Kid a Bully?

It seems like everyone thinks there kid(s) are not bullies. I know we'd all like to believe we all have raised children that would never bully another child. But, logically, clearly, some people have. Someone HAS to be the bully. How do you know for sure if your child is or is not a bully? Can we ever be sure? Catwalk--I think that qualifies him for "hero", not "bully"! And I think we all know that "assertive" does not equal "bully".


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"Disruptive" 2 Year Old ???

My son has been attending the same MDO program since he was 9 mths old and is now 2.5 years old and after each summer he has been moved up to a new class room and he is now in his 3rd class. Since day one with this class the teachers have never seemed friendly or nice to me or my husband. He comes home daily with a report card and lately it says he has been disruptive in class during nap time. He takes a nap everyday at home or at my moms but will not take a nap at school, so during this time they are wanting him to have quiet time on...