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Circus Tickets or Other Ideas

M.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know where I can get Circus tickets for cheaper than $50. I want to take my 15 month old, but do not want to sit sooo far back that she cannot she and my ...


Space Theme Birthday Party

J.K. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for some more creative ideas for my son's birthday party. He will be turning 7. I don't really want to use any characters. Maybe a R2D2 or C3PO balloon, ...


Need 1St Birthday Theme Suggestions

L.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter's 1st Bday is still a few months away, but I'm a planner and would like to start thinking about her party. My first thought was to do a "Cowgirl" theme, ...


Clowns, Pinatas, B-day Cake for Circus Party

G.W. asks from Dallas

I have three questions about our upcoming circus themed birthday party. My son is turning three. What age is appropriate for a pinata? The kid's will be from 1.5- 8 s...


2Nd Birthday Party "Choo-Choo" Theme

J.K. asks from St. Louis

I am drawing a blank on this one, even as a former event planner. We are going to set up the train table in the middle of kid center. We have such a big family, that ...


Cute Theme for a First Birthday?

D.M. asks from Las Vegas

I thought an Alice in ONEderland party would be cute but a friend of mine beat me to it :( any other cute ideas? For a little girl btw.


Birthday Party

R.R. asks from Buffalo

I am having a 1st birthday party for my twin daughters in September 2010. I am looking for ideas for a theme, as well as any other help anyone can offer to me for in...


Party Favors

P. asks from Chicago

I am looking for some ideas for party favors for an end of the year picnic. This event if for a womens group (families will be there as well) and the theme is All Sta...


Dual Party?

J.C. asks from Los Angeles

I have 2 kids, one girl who is almost 4 and 1 boy who is almost 2, the thing is their birthday days are exactly 3 weeks apart. Most of the people invited to the party...


2 Year Old Boy Birthday Theme?

S.H. asks from Madison

My sons second birthday is right around the corner. Any ideas on themes? He doesn't watch TV, so he isn't into any Sesame Street or similar shows. He doesn't have ...