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Need Help Planning a Birthday Party for My Children.

L.R. asks from Denver

I have a soon to be six year old son and a soon to be three year old daughter. Their birthdays are a little less than a month apart and I thought I might just have on...


Looking for an Idea for My 8 Year Old's Birthday Party

K.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi - I am looking for something different for my son's 8-year old birthday party next month. I'm in Gloucester County and I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!


Ideas for a 4 Year Old Birthday Party

A.H. asks from Fayetteville

Hi everyone! I was wondering if you all had any really fun ideas for a 4 year old birthday for a little boy. Last year we invited friends and family and had kind of...


Ideas for a Creative First Birthday Party for My Daughter

N.K. asks from Detroit

I really want to create a fun and exciting birthday for my daughter who will be turning 1 in November. It's a ways away but I want to start thinking of creative idea...


Would Love Your Ideas for a 6y.o. Bday Party Outside in AM!

P.N. asks from Denver

So, my lovely soon-to-be 6 y.o. wants to invite his preschool friends to a birthday party in July. I'm trying to be frugal, keep the mess outside, and keep it in the ...


Broken Arm Boy Needs Birthday Party Ideas

J.R. asks from Chicago

My son is 4 years old and turning 5 on 9/21. But, he broke his arm and dislocated his elbow over the Labor Day weekend. Initially, he was going to celebrate with his ...


Not Invited to a Party

T.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter is five and in kindergarten. Some girls in her class have been teasing her that she is not invited to a certain party. I told her to ignore them and tha...


Need Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boy & Girl

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

My friend's twins turn 1 this month and she is having a huge party! I like to get each one of them a toy in the $40-$50 range. Any suggestions for a one year old Boy ...


Need an Idea for 2 Year Old Birthday

B.C. asks from Houston

My son is turning 2 in three weeks. With my first born(daughter 7)we went all out and every birthday party was extravagant for the first four or five years. Now I j...


2 Year Old Daughter Interested in Really Learning Her Letters, Help With

E.F. asks from Chattanooga

HI! I am a mom of a 6 year old who is reading great for being in first grade, but my 2 year old who looks up to her brother and wants to do what he is doing all the t...