Circus: Preschooler

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Circus -To Go or Not? Son Has Temp

M.D. asks from Chicago

I am supposed to be going with my sound his preschool class to the circus tomorrow morning. Right now (midnight) he is running a high temp, which has been responding ...


Ringling Circus - Zing Zang Zoom

L.D. asks from Chicago

Have any families been to the circus at the Allstate Arena? I wanted to know if it's an event to take a three year old. She loves elephants and tigers but I heard t...


Hey Mom's: Would You Go to the Circus If It Came?

V.M. asks from Las Vegas

I am wondering how in these tighter times, you all are approaching family entertainment. Are you staying in more? What do you do when the kids want to go to Disney, t...


Birthday Party Ideas for a 4 Year Old

N.B. asks from Jamestown

Just need some ideas for 2 birthday parties for my almost 4 year old. We are going to have to have two parties to "accommodate" all the friends and family whom liv...


3 Year Old Boy's Birthday Party

W.D. asks from Amarillo

Does anybody have any suggestions, for a 3 year old Boy's Birthday party?


Cute Theme for a First Birthday?

D.M. asks from Las Vegas

I thought an Alice in ONEderland party would be cute but a friend of mine beat me to it :( any other cute ideas? For a little girl btw.


Ideas for a 4 Year Old Birthday Party

A.H. asks from Fayetteville

Hi everyone! I was wondering if you all had any really fun ideas for a 4 year old birthday for a little boy. Last year we invited friends and family and had kind of...


Any Birthday Ideas for a 4 Year Old's Costume Party?!

M.L. asks from Portland

Hello ladies! I have seen so much creativity and wisdom on this board, so I'm hoping if others brainstorm with me - I will be able to pull off a nice birthday party ...


Planning a Birthday Party for My 3 Year Old

C.M. asks from Phoenix

I need some help! I am trying to plan a birthday party for my little girl. She turns 3 in late February, and I am due to give birth to my son 2 weeks after that. I ...


Help Me Help My 4 Year Old with Academics

D.D. asks from Colorado Springs

My son is 4 1/2 and he will be going into pre-k next week. My question is what do most BOYS his age know before entering Pre-k? My son has no interset in learning an...