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Ideas for Entertaining Toddler in a Hospital

S.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I am taking my 17 mo. daughter in for surgery in a couple of weeks to get a neck cyst removed. They will put her under general anesthesia and will need to stay at th...


Seeking Advice Regarding Talking About Death

M.M. asks from Chicago

My husband's aunt is in the hospital, close to passing away after a battle with cancer. She is close with my children, 8 and 4, who visited with her about 3 weeks ago...


Siblings at Home Birth

N.S. asks from Chicago

Hi - I'm due any day and will be delivering at the hospital with our two year old daughter being a part of the experience. We have seen many videos of births and we'...


Advice for Scheduled C-section

M.S. asks from Portland

I had my first daughter in October 2009 and am due with our second child in 10 weeks. The doctor has scheduled a c-section for me at the end of April about a week bef...


Sixth Grade Girls Club

J.B. asks from Austin

I am prayerfully considering starting a ministry at my church exclusively for sixth grade girls and their friends. I believe this is an important year for girls as i...


4 Mo Throwing Up

K.H. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a 4 month old that started throwing up last night around 8. He threw up twice last night then again this morning around 9:00 and again around noon. I called ...


Seeking Gift Ideas for SIL Pregnant W/twins About to Go on Bedrest.

H.J. asks from Boston

Does anyone have any good ideas for a woman who is about to go on bedrest and having twins? Does bedrest usually mean laying down? Should I look at pillows that wil...


Preparing My Daughter for a Sibling

A.G. asks from Reading

My daughter is 22mos old. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, due October 22. My concern is, how do I prepare my daughter for the new arrival. There is still so much...


Baby Shower Gift for Twins

K.C. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! A friend of mine is having identical twin girls. Her baby shower is this Sunday and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on what to get for her. I wo...


3 Year Old Recovery from Tonsillectomy - What to Expect?

D.M. asks from Denver

My 3.5 year old daughter will be having her tonsils out later this month. What can I expect in her recovery? What can I do to help her through the first painful day...