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What is the ideal Miralax dosage should you give to your child?

K.C. asks from Johnstown

This is in addition to a previous request.... I went to the store to get Miralax for my son who has pooping issues. One the bottle it says not for anyone under 17 ye...


Benefiber Instead of Miralax?

E.B. asks from Cincinnati

Hi, our son will be three in November and is taking Miralax for chronic constipation. Long story short, he is potty trained except for when his stool gets backed up ...


Should I Put My 7 Year Old in the Hospital for Constipation per Doctor's Order?

J.S. asks from McAllen

My daugter is 7. She's had trouble with constipation for a while because she is afraid to push and holds it in. I was instructed by her pediatrician to , in addition...


Children's Fleet Enema

E.F. asks from Chattanooga

Need help from any parents who have tried the Fleet Enema. My son needs one bad, but I have never done one on either of my children as we have never needed to go this...


Anyone with Experience with Ulcers in Children

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

To give a little backround... My son has complained on and off of belly pain for awhile. Doctor first said most likely dehydrated (it is hard to get him to drink...


Constipation in Older Children

M.. asks from Appleton

My daughter is 8 years old. She has just recently suffered from constipation. I've never had to deal with this so it was a huge eye opener for me. A little background...


Question About Laxatives for Children

M.G. asks from New York

My 9 year old son has been very gassy in the past few weeks, and he's been releasing some really stinky ones. I overheard a conversation when someone said that if it...


MY 2 Year Old Had a Barium Enema Done 3 Days Ago and Hasn't Had a Bm Since HELP!

C.E. asks from Charlotte

MY 2 year old had a barium enema done 3 days ago and hasn't had a bm since. I don't know if this is normal or not. She has had and issue with constipation almost her...


Encopresis and My 7 Year Old Son and Awaiting an MRI on July 24th....I'm Scared.

K.F. asks from San Francisco

Please help me with advice with my son's problem with encopresis..... He was born with 2 mongolian spots and a sacral dimple.(signs of spina bifida) They did a xray...


Daughter Afraid to Poop!

K.P. asks from Kansas City

I need your help moms! My 2 year old girl is holding in her poop! She intentionally clenches so it won't come out then she cries until it passes. I have no idea wh...