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Need Children's Benadryl Dosage

M.F. asks from Houston

Moms, I need your help! I have put a call into the pediatrician, but of course, haven't received a callback yet. I have a 1 yr old who weighs 20 lbs. I need to give h...


Benadryl and My 5 Yr Old Son

B.C. asks from Los Angeles

how much benadryl do i give my 5 year old son?... This is for itchiness on his his back and arms?


Benadryl for Baby

L.O. asks from St. Louis

the doctor told me to give my baby 1/2 teaspoon of Benadry but didn't say how many times a days. she is having drainage in the back of her throat and gagging on it wh...


Is Benadryl Ok to Give My 1 Year Old to Help Her Sleep?

T.K. asks from Jacksonville

ok here is my issue...I am traveling in a car with my daughter on a 15 hour trip. We are leaving at night time so she can sleep through the night, however I worry tha...


Giving Kids Benadryl to Sleep on Airplanes: Good Move or Needless Medicating?

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Just read an interesting article on ( about whether or not it makes sense to give kids Benadryl for t...


Seeking Advice/experience for Children That Require I.V. Sedation at Dentist

A.E. asks from Provo

My 5 year old daughter is terrified of the dentist. I have taken her to two different Pediatric dentists. Her first pediatric dentist had me give her Benadryl and mot...


Toddlers Twice Rushed to Hospital While in MIL Care

F.O. asks from Boston

Twice, once in April and May two toddlers rushed to hospital by ambulance. One seizure, one after vaccination, running a high fever. In both cases the children were...


C-section and Hospital Bag

K.W. asks from Dallas

I want to preface this with some info :) I had my first son 3.5 years ago. He was a scheduled induction, I went in at midnight and had a beautiful bouncing boy at 9...


3 Children with CROUP - HELP!

A.D. asks from Phoenix

My one year old daughter has had an awful, runny nose, cough, and congestion. Her pediatrician said it was croup. My sister is in town visiting and it seems like he...


Seeking Info on Children with Eczama

S.W. asks from Dallas

My little girl is 5 and she lives with a very bad case of Eczama. We have tried everything known to man and it doesn't get any better im starting to not know what els...