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Baby Gift for Baby in Hospital?

J.D. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all- My sister in law/brother recently had their 5th child. He was almost 10 pounds and not breathing/pottying on his own. He is in NICU and expected to be there a...


Carrier or Sling for a New Born

S.R. asks from San Francisco

Just wondering what type of carrier or sling is recommend that anyone has used to carry a newborn. We have a Baby Bjorn but I know that the baby needs to be older wi...


What Is Your Favorite Baby Carrier?

C.S. asks from Medford

I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby and used several different slings and a baby bjorn with my first two. The slings were good for sitting and working on my computer (and b...


Baby Gear Advice

K.S. asks from Chicago

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me advice on the newest baby gear. I gave most of my baby gear away 6 months ago(after my 4th child). Now surprise...I am e...


Need Potty Chair Advice

H.M. asks from Colorado Springs

Ladies, I have a 16 month old son that we will start potty training in a couple of months. I am also due with a little girl at the end of August. I am looking fo...


Handling Two Children Under Two

C.G. asks from San Francisco

I'm due to deliver my second child (baby boy) in about a week. I have a 21 month old little girl. I'm nervous about how to handle two at the same time. I know hund...


Fussy Newborn

R.M. asks from Boston

I am a first time mom to a very fussy beautiful 5 week old little girl. She is a great nurser and loves to suck. She will not take a pacifier. She does not like her s...


Two Children 16 Months Apart

D.N. asks from Hartford

Hello, I am a month away from giving birth to my second son. My first son will be 16 months when the second is born and I am very intimidated about taking care of ...


Ear Piercing for Infants/toddlers/older Children---please Advise

L.F. asks from San Francisco

Hello: I would like to know if you got your daughter's ears pierced, what age did you do it? Did you do it as an infant? or wait til she was older......Also, what ...


How Much Should a Premature Baby Sleep?

A.D. asks from New York

Dear moms, I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby boy, born premature at 33 weeks. He spent two weeks at the NICU and is now home with us. He is now 36 weeks. I...