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How to Overcome a Jealous Adult Child

M.Z. asks from Phoenix

I have 4 children (2 are adults), husband has 2 adult children in their 30’s. His eldest daughter continues to exclude me and my kids from events that should be fam...


Need Advice for Son While at Hospital with New Baby

C.I. asks from Houston

I have the most wonderful 2-year old son. He is happy, sweet, loving, and attached to his Mommy and Daddy. We have been so blessed. And, now we are being blessed a...


Adult Child Not Calling, Yes It Is Me Again

J.V. asks from New York

I am trying so hard to not worry, but my 28 year old daughter is doing it again. Long story short, we have had the discussion about acknowledging texts, phone calls o...


When Do You Take Child to the Hospital?

S.M. asks from New York

My son is 19 months old. He has had a temperature for the last few days, hitting over 102 early this morning. TOok him to the pediatrician who said it is a virus, j...


What Did You Do with Your Kids During Your Maternity Stay in the Hospital?

N.O. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I am due to have my 3rd on April 1st and I'm absolutely terrified about leaving my kids. I guess you can say I'm one of those very overprotective Moms who ...


My Children Hate Each Other!

J.S. asks from Roanoke

Hi mom's! Just a quick question. How do you get your children to get along? I have four plus two step-children. The step-kids: 14 year old boy Todd 16 year old g...


If One of Your Siblings or Your Adult Child Abandoned His or Her Children...

J.B. asks from Boston

...what would you do? I suppose this is as much a vent as it is a question. My SD's mother, who is not an addict and not mentally ill, had her daughter move in with u...


Friends Drinking While Watching Your Children

S.B. asks from McAllen

Ok so this is new to me. I have a 11 year old that was at friends of our's house the other night. The wife ALWAYS has a couple drinks, every night though rarely do ...


18 Year Old Out of Control!

D.B. asks from Dothan

I have an 18 year old daughter. She is in 11th grade, she works part time after school. She has no respect for me or my husband (her step dad). I constantly am doing ...


Relationship Problems with My Adult Daughter

V.S. asks from Sacramento

My 25 year old daughter seems to have gone through a change in the last year. We have always gotten along well and been very close. She does have a history of big te...