Childhood Illnesses

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Mental Illness

D.S. asks from Chicago

How do I assisit an indivilual w/ mental illness and they are not aware of their condition?


When Mom Has an Illness

S.G. asks from Lakeland

How do you cope? When you have an illness and you still have to be a mom. I have an illness that i have to live with.Unfortunealy it is not one that end my life. When...


Mental Illness

V.W. asks from Wheeling

I am so greatful to all of you being there for me. I am going through a time with my mental illness. My Doctor feels I need to get back on a antidepressent for my ...


What Would This Illness Be?

N.M. asks from Omaha

Any suggestions will help. I do plan on calling my doctor again today. I have had a fever with chills and sweats off and on since Sunday. I did go see my gener...


Seizures Due to Illness

L.W. asks from Boston

At 18 months of age, my daughter had her 1st seizure. She is now 4 & is on Trileptal for her seizures. When she has them, its during an illness where shes been vomiti...


Explaining Illness and Death to Children

M.M. asks from New York

Please help me. My 10 year old daughter is having a difficult time accepting her grandmother's fatal illness. It will be a matter of time before she dies. My daught...


Mental Illness and Divorce

Y.M. asks from Iowa City

I don't often ask about any serious issues on here but here goes: To make a very long story fairly short, my brother-in-law is bipolar. He is in counselling and t...


Do You Have a Parent with Mental Illness?

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

I do. I visit with her 3x per year. It's tough. Really tough. I'm reminded when I see her just how bad the issues are. For those of you who have parents with menta...


Chronic Illness and Family

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

How do you get others to understand that you have an illness that sometimes requires you to cancel plans or decine invitations? I have MS and Crohn's disease. My ...


Terminal Illness

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, My father-in-law is terminal with cancer. My adult children and my 15 year old know the details and circumstances of his illness and realize that he is d...