Childhood Illnesses: Puppets

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Traveling to Puerto Rico with a 23 Mo. Old & an Infant; Is This Feasible?

A.D. asks from South Bend

Hi Moms. My brother is finally getting married at the end of this year (right after Christmas) in Puerto Rico (where his fiance is from)! All of us are excited for ...


Traveling for the First Time with Baby

K.E. asks from Bakersfield

Hey there. My husband and I are taking our baby on a five hour plane trip in April (she'll be 10 months then). We've opted to buy a seat for her instead of holding he...


How to Care for Very Active Toddler When Ill?

T.S. asks from St. Cloud

Due to a severe chronic illness, I struggle taking care of all my 3 year old daughter's daily needs. My husband works 12-14 hour days so during this time, it all fal...


Toddler Overnight Stay??

M.D. asks from Columbus

My daughter is 2 years old, and she has never been away from home overnight. My husband thinks it is time for her to stay the night with her grandparents (giving us ...


Dying Grandparents

E.M. asks from Austin

My mother in law is quite ill. She was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While there's still hope that she'll respond to the chemo, things are not looking go...


Travel Advice

R.H. asks from Minneapolis

Any advice on airline travel with an infant? My partner and I will be making a short flight to Cincinnati for Christmas with our daughter who will then be 3 months...



E.M. asks from Texarkana

Does anyone deal with Autism? My son was just diagnosed as Autistic in September and I am trying to find others who have been there who can give me some advice. I am ...


First Time Traveler Lots of Questions Please Help

M.A. asks from Houston

Hello I need help! Im going to flight from Texas to California in a couple of months with my baby she would be 10 months in that time and I dont know a thing on what ...


Mother Is Crazy and Contradictory

A.Q. asks from Seattle

My mother had me in high school. She didn't want to have me but she didn't want to get rid of me either. She had no ambitious career plans or goals in life at all. Sh...


Calling All Survivors!

J.K. asks from Tallahassee

I have a very funny beautiful two year old daughter. Life has been a roller coaster for her lately. See, my husband has stage four colon cancer. So as you can imagine...