Childhood Illnesses: Maalox

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Bad Toddler Diaper Rash

My daughter has had the worse diaper rash off and on for over a month. I called the pediatrician and spoke to the nurse twice and do what she says, then it gets better for awhile and comes back worse. The first time we thought it was a yeast infection so we treated it by not using wipes, and using lotrimen followed with cornstarch, and making sure it was very dry. It got better, but came back again, this time with no bumpy rash, so I started using triple paste (very thick) and medicated cornstarch which made it better for awhile. But it...


Hand Foot and Mouth

My son was just diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth and I am reaching out to...

Chicken Pox

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Need Relief for Son's Mouth

I just took my 24 month old to the Dr. for having a high fever that has lasted for about 2 days. There are no other symptoms other than a fever and some blisters on his tongue that just showed up. The Dr. said it was a form of Hand Foot and Mouth. He doesnt have anything anywhere else on his body, just on his tongue. Does any one know anything about this or how to sooth the pain? All I was told was to give him 1/2 tsp pink Benadryl and 1/2 tsp Mylanta or Maalox mixed to numb the sores. He is loosing weight due to this because it hurts to eat.


Relief for My Mom :(

My mom has shingles and she is in a lot of pain. Along with the nerve pain,...


Is It Chicken Pox???

Help, My son has a rash all over his chest, tummy and sides. They started...

Hand, Foot & Mouth

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Hand, Foot and Mouth

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with hand, foot and mouth. My poor 14 month old is miserable. She goes through phases where she seems OK then cries for hours in pain. Its just awful, any advice would be greatly appreciated!