Childhood Illnesses: Infant

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What Would This Illness Be?

Any suggestions will help. I do plan on calling my doctor again today. I have had a fever with chills and sweats off and on since Sunday. I did go see my general physician and he didn't see any bacterial infection. Since Monday my left back has been hurting (like a pulled muscle). Also when I use the bathroom the is a strong smell. I am not sure if it is my urine or the results of having a beautiful baby boy 4 weeks ago. I believe that the back is from holding my son while breast feeding him. He is a heavy little guy and we...

Chicken Pox

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Could This Be Chicken Pox?

my son has red bumps on his body.. abotu 20 spots... arms legs torso.. a couple here a couple there. it is 40 degrees outside.. not a mosquito to be seen. my hub said bedbugs.. but I see no evidence of bedbugs... He is acting totally fine.. no fever.. no lethargy.. running around all day. he is not vaccintaed for chicken pox. i have not heard of any cases of pox at their school.. (and the school is good about sending notes home for illnesses.) the only reason I think chicken pox. is this is the time of year for pox.. i...


Is It Chicken Pox???

Help, My son has a rash all over his chest, tummy and sides. They started...


Chicken Pox or Is It?

I am wondering if anyone has had this happen to their children that have had...

Hand, Foot & Mouth

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Hand, Foot and Mouth

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with hand, foot and mouth. My poor 14 month old is miserable. She goes through phases where she seems OK then cries for hours in pain. Its just awful, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Head Lice

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Is It Lice???

Hello Our friend came over with his daughter Saturday and found lice on her Sunday...I have vacuumed, disinfected and thrown away the costumes she was playing with. So here's the question my 2 year old has sticky white dandruff looking gunk on the top of her scalp(she is late to get hair so when wet you can see scalp) I didn't see anything moving what is it? What should I do?? She has not been scratching at all, and her brothers look fine. She also loves to rub yogurt in hair...don't ask...and hates to have her scalp scrubbed, which i...


We Have LICE

My itchy head woes continued as we did a lice check yesterday. I have it,...


Question About Lice

My 15 month old has lice. My mom discovered last week when we went over to...

Measles, Mumps & More

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Single Measles, Mumps and Rubella in Tucson Area

Do any of you know where we can get single vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella, as opposed to MMR? I have an 11 month old son who will need vaccination next month, and with measles going around I'd like to get him protected, however, I'm not too thrilled about giving him MMR. Please advise!


Measles / Benedryl

My 14 year old son came down with a rash that is covering his back and...