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Newborn Suddenly Won't Nurse

My 9 1/2 week old suddenly screams when it's time to nurse. A little background, this past week, he was admitted to the hospital for blood in his diaper and I was told he has a milk and egg allergy. He has been pretty much exclusively BF but occassionally I pump and he's fed milk with a bottle. He goes back and forth very easily. Anyway, after being on formula for 2 days (to get all of the dairy out of MY system) I started BF again and all was well. Then, today, I found out I have a sinus infection. I took him to his pediatrician to be...

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Ways to Moisturize Nose of 13 Month Old During Naps at Daycare

My son is a snorer, which actually can turn into quite a loud squeaking. He used to have sleep apnea issues associated with this, but we discovered his food allergies at 6 months and he's been better for several months now. His ENT has already recommended removing his adenoids, but we've been waiting for him to turn 14 months. His snoring has recently picked up quite a bit again and we figured out that it seems related to the dry cold fronts coming through. Adding a humidifier at night has taken care of it at home, but he's having...